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The lengths of the directors are smaller than that of the driven element.
In the proposed structure, only driven element and directors are needed, with smaller size than the combination of two single Yagi-Uda antennas.
In these configurations, the coupling between the driven element and the two parasitic elements controls the radiation patterns.
Then the designed coupler is integrated into the driven element without increasing the antenna size [9].
NHC's ControlPoint(TM) solutions utilize a high-performance software driven Element Management System (EMS) controlling an automated, true any-to-any copper cross-connect switch to enable incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) and enterprises to remotely perform the four key tasks that historically have required manual on-site management.
The male segment is generally mounted onto the motor and the other half Onto the driven element.
The antenna consists of a director, driven element and reflector.
This hub-mounted, fluid-coupled device contains a hydraulic turbine using a viscous silicone fluid to transfer energy from driving element to driven element.
Also restricted is their potential for creating complex functional relationships between the motion of the actuator and that of the driven element.
The use of Yagi antenna designs in microstrip technology was first proposed by Huang in 1989 which consists of one reflector, one driven element, and two directors.