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Total simulation time 600 Simulation area 500m * 500m Total number of nodes 10 to 100 Radio range 250 m Maximum speed 20 m/s Pause time 10s Data payload 512 bytes Traffic Type CBR Type of Attack Black hole, Worm Hole, Packet Drop Attack Maximum connection 10 to 35
Drop attacks occur with no warning, and vertigo is seldom present, although slower sensations involving apparent tilts of the patient's surroundings may occur.
It may be nothing but on the other had it may be a form of childhood epilepsy called drop attacks.
He has drop attacks, where he just falls to the ground with no warning.
Comment: In 98 people with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, aged 1-30 years, adjunctive use of Topamax reduced the number of drop attacks and major motor seizures.