drop by drop

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"When the service stations aren't closed, those that are still selling gasoline are doing it drop by drop."
DROP by drop, some semblance of sense is beginning to find its way to the whole 'dam fund' conversation.
Tenders are invited for supply of surgical care material and cures (infusion equipment drop by drop latex-free air intake)
But drop by drop, people typing horrible and unkind things about you, does affect you.
Katara 12 Theatre B, 7.45pm: The Courage selection -- Radiance, As My Father Was, Drop by Drop, Last Stop is the Moon, Bird Karma, Killing Hope, Sirocco and Changyou's Journey.
The usage of water should initially be limited by the public and then anything could be achieved in a broader context because drop by drop is the water-pot is filled.
Then, "drop by drop / I return singing / to our Mother Earth.
As pumping of chemical into the stem failed, forest officials are infusing the chemical solution drop by drop using saline bottles similar to a saline drip given to patients in the hospital.
Shefeel that this is a very small issue that they face, but like a jug fills drop by drop and that every drop in the jug matters; every small issue must be looked into, in order to achieve the solution to the bigger problem.
The LulzBot Mini is on display so visitors can see it placing plastic, drop by drop, to build each object.
At the festival held at the Heydar Aliyev Memorial Park and organized by the Lankaran City Executive Power, the delicacies of the city are being exhibited in the pavilions such as "Our tea has a name", "Lankarani sweets - our taste", "We gather beauty drop by drop", "Build new Lankaran", "Who wants to live in paradise, come to Lankaran" and other.
In Macedonia, the "drop by drop" systems are mostly introduced in wine crops and give great results.