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INITIAL. Placed at the beginning. The initials of a man's name are the first letters of his Dame; as, G. W. for George Washington. When in a will the legatee is described by the initials of his name only, parol evidence may be given to prove his identity. 3 Ves. 148. And a signature made simply with initials is binding. 1 Denio, R. 471. But see Ersk. Inst. B. 3, t. 2, n. 8.

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(See Drop Cap, August/September.) "There are different Web sites that are obviously doing well, but I don't see them covering the local issues," Alpert says.
"We are not asking the Government to drop caps on all tax relief.
The black and white illustrations are few but powerful, and the illustrated drop caps at the start of each chapter are a nice touch.
In a nod to the medieval versions, a circle of our artists created a series of handcrafted "drop caps" that are featured in each entry.
I'm experimenting with headline styles, readouts, drop caps, and art ...