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I felt rather like a fly-on-the-wall and not me as a real person," she explains before dropping names such as Soft Cell, Shakin Stevens and Kirsty MacColl.
As for young upcoming artists, we need more," he added, carefully avoiding dropping names, following the street artists' code of relative 
Within minutes of chatting, he's dropping names like Kate Moss, Yasmin Le Bon, Kylie Minogue - all good friends - and also revealed how Lady Gaga's designer has made him some crazy outfits for a forthcoming Italian TV show.
DROPPING names through a haze of tropical punch - it was just another day at the office for Louie Spence, the campest man in showbiz.
Austin, dropping names, jargon and labels with liberal abandon but little meaningful import throughout their articles, but at best with authors whose direct engagement of existing theory raises questions both contentious and illuminating.
s writing style, however, can be frustrating at times; he quotes critics in paragraph after paragraph, repetitively dropping names in the text.
O'Connor, without dropping names, blasted congressional leaders who have continued to issue sharp broadsides against the federal courts and promoted bills stripping the courts of jurisdiction.