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The Drovers responded well and Maynard deservedly reduced the leeway to 12-3 with a straight penalty on the half-hour.
It was also a satisfying day for all the old Drovers now associated with Aberavon - with backs coach Lewis, conditioning coach Howard Thomas and backs Matthew Jacobs and James Garland all tasting glory against their old colleagues.
The Jolly Drovers had been closed for two years and has now been relaunched by licensees Michelle and Brian Proud.
The club moved to the Crown in Digbeth when The Drovers was pulled down but the ambience wasn't the same.
A spokesman at the Drovers Arms said: "We were aware of the police activity but the incident is nothing to do with the pub.
Designing homes for people with dementia In addition to the comfort and quality of our rooms and the passion of our staff for the people they care for, Drovers House features an array of bespoke design details such as use of contrasting colours, and specialist features that help people find their way around, which we know are vital to support those living with dementia.
I became interested in the largely forgotten story of the Welsh drovers after attending a lecture on the subject at my local historical society.
Things went from bad to worse for the Drovers when they lost lock Bryn Griffiths to the sin bin and the clinical hosts made sure they used their numerical advantage, with Owen Williams crossing out wide for a 18-3 half-time lead.
INSET: A map of old drovers trails WHEREVER you walk in the Welsh countryside you will come across an extensive network of old and new paths.
The victim is understood to have worked in the Drovers Inn at Inverarnan.
In late 1950s my company, Polyblank Ltd re-located from West Canal wharf on the banks of the old Glamorgan Canal to Drovers Lane which was off Sloper Road running between Nash of Cardiff and the Guest Keen Sports ground.