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DEPENDENCY. A territory distinct from the country in which the supreme sovereign, power resides, but belonging rightfully to it, and subject to the laws and regulations which the sovereign may think proper to prescribe. It differs from a colony, because it is not settled by the citizens of the sovereign or mother state; and from possession, because it is held by other title than that of mere conquest: for example, Malta was considered a dependency of Great Britain in the year 1813. 3 Wash. C. C. R. 286. Vide act of congress, March 1, 1809, commonly called the non-importation law.

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Never be fooled by the rationalization of the fool that smoking and drinking are just innocent vices, these are the gateway vices that lead the path to drug dependency.
Ranbir Gill, 36, of Chester Street, Radford, admitted failing to attend a drug dependency assessment, and breaching a conditional discharge.
Effective strategies require community partners and collaboration by the entire criminal justice system and long-term solutions must focus on addressing drug dependency and changing behavior.
There are proven ways to address drug dependency consistent with human rights, but beatings, forced labor, and humiliation are not among them," said Joe Amon, director of the Health and Human Rights Division at Human Rights Watch.
As part of the European Commission-supported initiative, the overall management, administration, physical infrastructure, availability of equipment and technical capacity of the mental hospital and drug dependency unit staff to provide quality care.
Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency, and Huffman Hospice.
A FEW months ago the Racing Post printed a series of articles intended to draw attention to the crisis of drug dependency in American racing.
What is helping, however, is an innovative new programme of outreach midwifery that seeks not to punish or condemn but to give addicted women and their babies a fighting chance of building a bond stronger than drug dependency.
And much like today, the connection between drug dependency and the AIDS epidemic was directing a lot of attention to the problem.
After one year, clinical trial patients showed statistically significant improvements in their GERD symptoms: 80 percent showed a significant reduction in drug dependency, with 70 percent completely off their anti-secretory medications.
Chief Superintendent John Kelly, Head of Crime at Cleveland Police, said: "I would say 70pc plus of all crime in Cleveland is committed due to drug dependency.
When we meet she is just about to go to Dublin for a weekend, one day of which will focus on health and healing, and another on alcohol and drug dependency.

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