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Twenty-eight percent of patients were found to have underlying chronic infections, 29% had food or drug intolerance, and 21% had autoreactive urticaria.
The researchers analyzed medical records for 233 hypertensive patients, half of whom had experienced more than one episode of intolerance to antihypertensive drugs; the others had no record of drug intolerance.
Among adults, the test patients are the motivated ones, says Marlowe -- people with drug intolerance or poor lung function that would make chemical anesthesia dangerous, or people who are emotionally upset at the idea of anesthesia.
For example, in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) there is a need for alternative pulmonary therapies for lung infections due to the shortcomings of the two FDA approved nebulized antibiotics, such as decreased efficacy over long-term use, drug intolerance and new emerging pathogens.

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