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Drug-induced epigenetic changes produce drug tolerance.
Blocking and sensory preconditioning effects in morphine analgesic tolerance: support for a Pavlovian conditioning model of drug tolerance.
Drug tolerance is an unavoidable phenomenon in people who take narcotic analgesics over a prolonged period.
One interpretation of the role of contextual cues in drug tolerance is based on a Pavlovian conditioning model (Siegel, 1975, 1977, 1989).
If the development of drug tolerance continues to present a problem, the physician may switch to still another of the major categories of medication that are used.
One of the first signs of trouble often is drug tolerance, which means that you take increasingly larger doses to achieve the same effect.
This module reviews various antecedents that influence adolescents to initiate drug use; surveys the drugs adolescents most commonly abuse and the prevalence of drug abuse; examines the prevalence of crack and cocaine use by adolescents; provides information about the physiological effects of various drugs on body systems; examines how drugs affect the central nervous system and the implications of how those changes influence overt behavior and performance; and reviews issues of drug tolerance and physical dependence as physiological concerns.
The common off-label use of metformin for treating PCOS in children appears to have no greater risk than that in adults; drug tolerance is good with limited adverse effects.
He describes the legislation of drug use and trafficking in France and its tradition of central control, the political and social culture that has led to drug tolerance in The Netherlands, and the restrictive alcohol policies in Sweden that have led to the same in the case of drugs, and how these differences have led to conflict at the international level.
Any patient who shows drug tolerance to antipsychotics, who needs an increasingly high dose, or who needs dual or triple therapy is a candidate for adjunctive therapy with anticonvulsants, he said.
Figuring out the exact biochemistry behind drug tolerance could lead to new strategies for undermining unusually hardy cancer cells.