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The state of an individual whose mind is affected by the consumption of alcohol.

Drunkenness is a consequence of drinking intoxicating liquors to such an extent as to alter the normal condition of an individual and significantly reduce his capacity for rational action and conduct. It can be asserted as a defense in civil and criminal actions in which the state of mind of the defendant is an essential element to be established in order to obtain legal relief.

DRUNKENNESS. Intoxication with strong liquor.
     2. This is an offence generally punished by local regulations, more or less severely.
     3. Although drunkenness reduces a man to a temporary insanity, it does not excuse him or palliate his offence, when he commits a crime during a fit of intoxication, and which is the immediate result of it. When the act is a remote consequence, superinduced by the antecedent drunkenness of the party, as in cases of delirium tremens or mania a potu, the insanity excuses the act. 5 Mison's R. 28; Amer. Jurist, vol. 3, p. 5-20; Martin and Yeager's. R. 133, 147;. Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.; 1 Russ. on Cr. 7; Ayliffe's Parerg. 231 4 Bl. Com. 26.
     4. As there must be a will and intention in order to make a contract, it follows, that a man who is in such a state of intoxication as not to know what he is doing, may avoid a contract entered into by him while in this state. 2 Aik. Rep. 167; 1 Green, R. 233; 2 Verm. 97; 1 Bibb, 168; 3 Hayw. R. 82; 1 Hill, R. 313; 1 South. R. 361; Bull. N. P. 172; 1 Ves. 19; 18 Ves. 15; 3 P. Wms. 130, n. a; Sugd. Vend. 154; 1 Stark. 126; 1 South. R. 361; 2 Hayw. 394; but see 1 Bibb, R. 406; Ray's Med. Jur. ch. 23, 24; Fonbl. Eq. B. 2, 3; 22 Am. Jur. 290; 1 Fodere, Med. Leg. Sec. 215. Vide Ebriosity; Habitua. drunkard.

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But England-discard Gazza has again attracted the wrong publicity in the last week, with stories of crashing Middlesbrough's team coach and drunkeness which forced Robson to admit yesterday that the player is suffering from stress and needs help.
Their relationship had ended because Deborah could no longer accept his drunkeness, drug-taking and loutish behaviour.
45pm the craic gave way to the drunkeness that often mars these sort of occasions.
We don't take these decisions lightly but licensees must realise they have a key role to play in preventing drunkeness, violence and disorder.
Crimes that worried the public most - assault, breach of the peace and drunkeness - were all down.
He had estimated that for the last 18 months of the music hall he had lost around pounds 600 a week, but as a disco venue it brought battles with the police who complained of public disturbances and drunkeness and disorderly behaviour outside the club.
The image of his father's drunkeness and the damage it did burns Martin to this day - he has been a life-long teetotaller.
In a separate report the British Crime Survey said 22 per cent of people now feel drunkeness and rowdiness is a big problem in their area - and 10 per cent had thought of moving house because of it.
High-profile patrols in Newcastle and Sunderland have targeted city centre louts behind a wave of drunkeness, assaults and disorder.
In 1901, a Belfast player with Distillery received a life ban after persistent drunkeness.
Shayler alleged incompetence, bungling and persistent drunkeness in MI5.