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TON. Twenty hundred weight, each hundred weight being one hundred and twelve pounds avoirdupois. See act of congress of Aug. 30, 1842, c. 270, s. 20.

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Facility construction and operating costs were based on data from the ZeaChem demonstration biorefinery at Boardman, Oregon (Verser and Eggeman 2011), which was designed with a production yield of approximately 80 gallons of jet fuel from each dry ton of biomass feedstock.
Once the Baltimore facility is running, it will be able to process up to five dry tons of sludge per day.
They also indicated that logging residues, the largest feedstock, can be produced at $40 per dry ton and small-diameter trees at $49 per dry ton, for a 50-mile procurement radius.
3 million dry metric tons) by an average custom rate of $30 per dry ton ($33 per dry metric ton) for harvesting, short haul and stacking of bales.
Total oven dry ton volumes of woody biomass fuels used by responding primary wood processors, secondary wood manufacturers, and non-wood processing facilities in North Carolina in 2004.
a] Dry tons harvested Harvest cost per acre Harvest cost per dry ton ($) 20 539.
This technology, along with production and logistical system efficiencies, will enable production of millions of tons of biomass from purpose grown trees to be delivered at costs of less than $40 per dry ton.
Tenders are invited for 225,000 gallons sodium hypochlroite; 90 ton hydrofluosilic acid; 73,000 gallons sodium hypochlroite; 52 tons hydrofluosilic acid; 60,000 gallons sodium hypochlorite; 68 tons hydrofluosilic acid; 468 dry tons ferric chloride; 80,000 gallons sodium hypochlorite; 45,000 gallons sodium hypochlorite; 66,000 liquid gallons ferric chloride; 60,000 gallons sodium hypochlorite; 10 tons hydrofluosilic acid; 27 liquid tons ferric chloride; 170 dry ton ferric chloride; 580 wet tons sodium hypochlorite; 32,000 lbs sodium hypochlorite; 61 dry tons ferric chloride.
Hauling costs were high as well, and organic polymer flocculant usage was as high as 15lb per dry ton of cake.
List price for FloMag H and CellGuard in bulk truckload and railcar quantities will increase to $280 per dry ton.
The City will enter into a contract with the selected Contractor for the removal of 8,000 20,000 dry tons of lime
More than 300 million dry tons of waste biomass, including animal manure, food processing waste, and crop residues, are generated every year from agricultural and food processing systems in the U.