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[DELTA]I was defined as [] - [I.sub.blank], where [] represents the fluorescence intensity of the mixture that contains target HIV-1 dsDNA and [I.sub.blank] denotes the fluorescence intensity in the absence of target HIV-1 dsDNA.
(ii) The interactions between the surfaces of the upper and lower intermediate layers and the surfaces of the ssDNA and dsDNA molecules
Data for dsDNA and enzymatic activity were grouped according to the management practices in cropping and pasture sites, and one-way ANOVA was performed to detect the effect of management practices.
The standard curve of dsDNA was constructed by plotting the mean absorbance obtained for each reference standard against its concentration in U/ml on graph paper with absorbance on the vertical (Y) axis and concentation on the horizontal (X) axis (Enger,2000).
This result suggests that double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) activates a kinase that is present in the oocytes.
Whether antibodies against dsDNA and C1q are merely epiphenomena or if they are truly involved in the pathogenesis of SLE has been discussed.
In association with the foregoing treatment, the titer of her dsDNA Ab declined to 6 IU/ml, whereas her C3 and C4 rose to 80 mg/dL and 14 mg/dL.
1A) uses the strong preference of a thermostable duplex-specific nuclease (DSN) toward digestion of dsDNA over single-stranded DNA (29).
Interestingly, all the patients with Class III and IV lupus nephritis had positive levels of anti- dsDNA titers with majority of these patients (29 out of 48) having anti-dsDNA titers > 50 IU/ml.
Initial labs included a complete blood count (CBC), 2 blood cultures, a urine culture, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), a purified protein derivative skin test, chest and abdominal CT scans, and double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) levels (since this patient had known SLE).
Laboratory investigations revealedWBC = 5,800 cells/mm3 (58% neutro hils, 28% lymphocytes), hemoglobin = 7.9 g/dL, platelets = 1,67,000/mm3, erythrocyte sedimentation rate(ESR) = 30 mm/h; specific tests -ANA test was positive with ANA titer = 1:520 though anti- double stranded DNA (dsDNA) was negative.
ANA anti dsDNA anti LKM Anti-SMA AMA C-ANCA P-ANCA anti-SSA anti-SSB anti-Scl-70 anti Jo-1 anti-U1snRNP anti- centromere anti-Jo-1 anti tpo and anti tg were studied in all individuals in each study group.