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Cheng and Lo reported that older teens and boys are more likely to receive a dual diagnosis, but girls, with a dual diagnosis, are more likely to be institutionalized than boys are.
Similarly, results for readmission and mortality were confirmed in subgroup analyses for psychiatric disorder only, substance use disorder only, and dual diagnosis.
Likelihood of using services involving a social worker increased significantly in the presence of a dual diagnosis ([e.
30) Our cohort is therefore at enhanced risk for dual diagnosis as a result of both genetic vulnerability, as evidenced by a family history of mental illness, and an environment characterised by easy availability of substances.
For those with a dual diagnosis, the alcohol and/or drugs are fuelling the mental illness and for mental services not to respond to them doesn't seem humane.
Her experience in the RSAT dual diagnosis program has propelled her to be the best mom she can be to her daughter, now five.
This study attempted to understand the experiences of a small cohort of gay men with a dual diagnosis of HIV and cancer.
If they have a dual diagnosis we can treat their mental conditions and also help them with their drug usage.
We also have specialists in mental health who work with us on dual diagnosis clients so they are offered a joined up service.
Patients with hiatal hernia and atrial fibrillation were a mean of 73 years old at the time of their dual diagnosis, compared with 61 years for those with either diagnosis alone.
Some topics are: explanatory models for dual diagnosis, risk assessment, reducing drug-related harm in mentally ill people, alcohol and mood disorders, poly-substance use and personality disorders, drug-induced psychosis, and practice, research, and education development.