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PERSONALITY. An abstract of personal; as, the action is in the personalty, that is, it is brought against a person for a personal duty which he owes. It also signifies what belongs to the person; as, personal property.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Dual personality: Ideal personality construction of contemporary university students.
Then she looks at music as a spiritual process, Moses and Joseph embodying the dual personality of the tzadiq, and new time new song.
He lashed him that he his a person of dual personality and liked to keep the party member under his pressure.
Abrasion Resistant Pipe Exhibits Dual Personality Induction Hardened Steel Pipe is Hard on Inside (600 BHN), Soft on Outside (250 BHN)
Your dual personality makes it easy for you to play the role that's needed for whichever drama you're in.
Meryl Cohn has a dual personality: She writes award-winning plays performed for sold-out audiences and dishes out advice under the guise of her alter ego, Ms.
Schizophrenia is not characterized by dual personality and to perpetuate this myth is a great disservice to those persons already suffering from a brain disorder.
In sum, this is a book undermined by a dual personality. Although its legitimizing agenda, uncritical historicization of architecture, and one-dimensional view of architectural and religious change compromise its usefulness as an interpretive study, its information on contemporary buildings and congregations helpfully addresses a gap in evangelical scholarship.
It's not all late-night decadence though - this is a dual state place with a dual personality to match.
has launched four new varieties of Aussie leave-in conditioners with the "Dual Personality" logo.
I don't want to push her too far, so I gingerly ask if she feels she has a dual personality.
This dual personality is reflected in his government, which includes died-in-the-wool reformers, such as Economy Minister German Gref, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, the Head of Administration Dmitry Medvedev, and Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov, but also a slew of much more hard-line former members of the security forces and the military, the so-called siloviki.