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There are often ducks in the square behind the civic centre but this is the first time I've seen ducklings here.
Staff at the centre described the ducklings - dubbed the Easter nine - as lost and bewildered, until the centre's bow wearing runner duck Chop Suey stepped in.
Earlier, the ducklings and their mum were spotted walking along a country road near Kinglassie in Fife.
uk for news, sport Knowsley Safari keepers spotted the danger and managed to keep the big cats distracted long enough to rescue the ducklings.
The firefighters used ladders to clamber down into an overflow tunnel going beneath a footpath buried deep in the undergrowth to save the ducklings.
Maintenance workers on the property buried the ducklings that had been killed, and a pet removal service company called (http://www.
Staff put netting around the ceramic nesting site to protect the ducklings from a busy road nearby - then called the rangers.
They were watched by a group of visiting adults and children who were delighted and relieved to see the mother and her ducklings enter the water and swim off to safety in the reeds surrounding the pool.
These incredible nature snaps show the crow swooping down on the ducklings and stealing them from their mother's side.
Members of St John the Baptist Church in St John Street, Cardiff, are no strangers to seeing a duck and a drake in their garden and graveyard each summer - but this year were amazed to spot 11 ducklings.
Ducks successfully hatched from the eggs taken into captivity have now themselves bred, producing 18 ducklings which are being reared at the centre.
Judith Rossell has limited the colours in this delightful picture book to reasonably muted shades of blue, green and white--the cute little yellow ducks become the feature and the eye is drawn to them-highlighting Wrong Way and his interesting behaviours which are so different from the other more obedient little ducklings.