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The modeled crack was open at the initial stage of calculations because of the recommended starting notch for brittle failure to avoid ductile fracture at fracture splitting process.
The propagating ductile fracture is an interactive phenomenon between gas decompression and crack propagation.
3, where both ABS-8434 and ABS-06 show quasi-ductile fracture behavior while both ABS-09 and ABS-14 illustrate ductile fracture behavior.
On a microscopic scale, ductile fracture in metals (see Figure 2) displays a dimpled surface appearance created by microvoid coalescence.
Study on Ductile Fracture Including Shear-Lip Fracture under Mixed Mode Loading Condition
However, for high-yield-strength steel, the upper transition temperature is also an important property to consider where the ductile fracture can occur.
The EWF concept is a scheme to extract the energy for part (i) from the total fracture energy in the DENT test, and is increasingly popular for evaluation of the toughness for ductile fracture [6].
Only the shear mechanism produces ductile fracture.
The EWF theory states that the energy involved during the ductile fracture, [W.
Ductile fracture is promoted at higher imposed stresses and this is usually evident as a localized expansion (ballooning) of the pipe section under internal pressure.
For convenience, the low-temperature brittle fracture region is referred to as the "Plateau" region, and the high-temperature ductile fracture region is referred to as the temperature-dependent "ductile" region with the intermediate region referred to as the "transition" region.
16), DE revealed a transition from brittle to ductile fracture surface, which was expected, based on the UT-TOFD examination.