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Experiments and modeling of anisotropic aluminum extrusions under multi-axial loading - Part II: Ductile fracture.
The objective function of the work deals with the predictions of ductile fracture in the sheet metal blanking process by modelling ductile fracture initiation criteria which is suitable for various working conditions of the materials.
The fracture morphology of elytra cuticle is similar to that of a ductile fracture, in which parabola-shaped dimples and the viscous flow-like matrix of plastic deformation were found and indicate the toughness of the elytra material.
Reliable prediction of ductile fracture behavior of metals is very valuable during the design of mechanical systems.
Zhang [5] studied the ductile fracture of X65 steel pipes based on extended finite element method.
8220;Cohesive Zone for Prediction of Ductile Fracture of Aluminum Welds,” by Drs.
Microscopically, ductile fracture surfaces generally exhibit the formation of stretched fibrils.
The FAD extends the crack stability assessment to structures experiencing both brittle and ductile fracture.
The transition from brittle to ductile fracture modes translates into longer fatigue life and, in most cases, to increased yield strength and ultimate tensile strength.
Currently, various types of ductile fracture criteria, based on continuum mechanics and micromechanics, are being used.
To determine the constant of ductile fracture criterion depending upon the number of criterion constants, uniaxial strain test, Plane strain tests, or Bulge test is applied.