DUE-BILL. An acknowledgment of a debt, in writing, is so called. This instrument differs from a promissory note in many particulars; it is not payable to order, nor is it assignable by mere endorsement. See I 0 U; Promissory notes.

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Further, the company declared Wednesday that its cash dividend of USD0.21 per share, which was conditioned upon the approval of the merger by its stockholders, will be paid to all shareholders of record on 11 March 2019 (subject to due-bill trading).
Further, the company's stock will begin trading regularly at the post-split price on 15 July 2015 and any shares bought between the record date and the payment date, will come with a "due-bill," giving each buyer six additional shares for each share purchased, it said.
Any shares purchased after 7 January 2013 through to 28 January 2013 will come with a "due-bill" entitling the buyer to one additional share for each share purchased.