DUE-BILL. An acknowledgment of a debt, in writing, is so called. This instrument differs from a promissory note in many particulars; it is not payable to order, nor is it assignable by mere endorsement. See I 0 U; Promissory notes.

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Between the record date and the ex-dividend date the shares trade with a due-bill representing the special dividend.
Accordingly, any share traded after the record date of August 18, 2003 and before the ex-dividend date of September 3, 2003 should be accompanied by a due-bill in accordance with Nasdaq rules.
Each share of Properties common stock traded with a due-bill for 1/10 of a share of common stock of Healthcare attached for the period from Sept.
Because the record date for these distributions is August 30, 1999, all trades occurring from August 26 through September 24, 1999 will carry Due-Bills representing the value of the three distributions payable September 24.
All such trades will carry due-bills representing New JEF common stock, which will be redeemed on April 30.
31, trades in Rockwell common stock "regular way" (NYSE:ROK) will carry due-bills representing the shares of Conexant common stock to be distributed in the spin-off.