Dui, Orange County

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Country: United States of America
State: California

I received my first D.U.I and got sentenced about two months ago. It was out of Orange county court. I received probation and the regular fines.I requested that my case get transferred to Long Beach, because it is were I live. But they would not do it. I lost my licence and my car and had no way to get there, except for public transportation. Around this same time my wife had just given birth to our daughter and all our resources were streched thin. I was not able to comply with the court orders in time. And I missed my court date. I take care of our daughter during the day also making it hard for me to go. I have every intention of takeing care of this problem. I recieved a Warrant of Arrest Notice Dec. 21,2005 notifieing me that if I do not resolve this matter in thirty days then arrest will be mandatory. My charges are violate court order CVC 23152(A) CVC 23152(B) CPC 853.7. All I need is a little bit more time to show proof of my enrollment and pay off some fines. I am the sole provider for my family, therefore if I go to jail I will be leaving them in a hardship. I would very much appreciate any feed back.


If you have counsel or the public defender become involved you should be able to negotiate some time...if it appears it cannot be done, let us know--you should not try to negotiate a solution yourself--have counsel do it...