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STUPIDITY, med. jur. That state of the mind which cannot perceive and embrace the data presented to it by the senses; and therefore the stupid person can, in general, form no correct judgment. It is a want of the perceptive powers. Ray, Med. Jur. c. 3, Sec. 40. Vide Imbecility.

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Chairman, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Absar Alam was invited as chief guest of the Road Safety Seminar who said that deaf and dumb people have their own capabilities and it is need of the hour to take initiatives to support them and facilitate them as they are integral part of our society.
Have you seen that absurd report about how dumb people gravitate toward rap and pop music, while the intellectual ones favor rock music?
Clever directors and actors came together to make a movie about dumb people, and it paid off with some inspired stupidity.
Unless all the stakeholders in education -- teachers, students, administrators, parents and the society as whole -- come together to revolutionize the current traditional education system, we might just end up proving the inane joke -- that in the coming centuries, this era will be marked by "smart phones and dumb people.
I can't believe how is it possible for such dumb people to exist.
Dumb people will think it's dumb, he says, but smart folks will admire the curiosity.
As far as de-cocking, I guess he's saying only smart people should use single actions because dumb people have too much trouble de-cocking one?
So the Hollywood business model defaults to making mindless action movies for dumb people.
Jaipur, June 19(ANI): To ensure deliverance of justice, Jaipur police authorities have been maintaining an interpretation centre for deaf and dumb people to help them to report crime and lodge official police complaints against culprits.
But in the end it's just the New Hampshire way: Tax the poor dumb people.
I must be the dumbest of the very dumb in a class of extremely dumb people when it comes to new technology.