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7, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Bandon Dunes Golf Resort has selected BioBlend Renewable Resources to supply industrial lubricants for the entire property.
2120 - Shifting dunes along the shoreline with Ammophila arenaria ("white dunes")
Interactions between crescent-shaped, or barchan, dunes stabilize the sand mounds and explain how vast swarms of them can persist over time, two new studies find.
A pilot project designed to rejuvenate the dunes starts this month at Newborough Warren and Ynys Llanddwyn national nature reserve.
The data collected from the four-year experiment done by Clement Narteau of the Global Institute for Physics in Paris, France, and his colleagues will now enable astronomers to determine weather patterns on other planets by monitoring wind-formed sand dunes, New Scientist reported.
REINFORCEMENT: The trees will help protect the sand dunes from erosion
Despite efforts by the Forest Service ranging from bulldozing to hand-pulling and burning, scientists now believe that the active dunes may be gone in a matter of decades, eventually replaced by forest.
After years of becoming over-stabilised and overgrown by vegetation, with some rare plants and insects driven to the brink of extinction, so the project is now testing ways to rejuvenate the sand dunes.
Inside Park Service sites, according to Kathryn McEachern, an expert on Pitcher's thistle who also works for USGS, Indiana Dunes and Sleeping Bear Dunes have parking lots adjacent to the beach that hamper the natural succession of dunes and increase wind erosion.
The sound side of Dauphin Island has very few sand dunes; and the dunes there are covered with vegetation.
They planted 425 Antioch Dunes evening primrose seedlings that were propagated at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay NWR Native Plant Nursery.
The music softly returns to the lovely theme from the opening scene, gradually gaining in intensity as the lighting brightens on that scene of peaceful sand dunes and trees.