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Dunker among our many satisfied owners, and we are well on the way toward serving customer number 3 million," Tobiassen said.
While Dunker begins with the familiar sublime landscape, in his work its function is strictly allegorical: Dunker expresses no interest in the phenomenon of suffering or the place of humanity in relation to the power of nature or God.
There are several devices, such as the Shallow Water Egress Trainer (SWET) and Shallow Water Initial Motor Memory Egress Release (SWIMMER), that aviators complete before coming to the final dunker evolution.
Dunker then highlighted BEKOKAT and METPOINT, another two products that compliment each other.
Dunker manages to show how those texts debate 'colonial' issues by, for example, drawing on the discourse of discovery, by transposing the site of encounter (the 'contact zone') into the domestic sphere (using the figure of the returnee or certain markers of the exotic), or by allowing the imaginary to be understood as a site where real power relationships are played out.
Dunker said negotiations were "going backward, not forward".
Phillips is the latest in a long line of great Taft dunkers, including Jordan Farmar, Al Brown, Harold Shevlin and David Enzer.
The Heed facility consists of an aircraft dunker, where pilots learn how to swim out of sinking aircraft.
Dunker is having the same problem, selling out of the Sili brush so quickly that she wondered if she had forgotten to order it at all.
Because our containers are interchangeable, you can put the containers in a number of different combinations and still fit the pallet," says Tom Dunker, AISIN assistant manager, packaging.
In the early 1980s, Darryl Dawkins, a slam dunker for the 76ers and Nets, won a reputation as the "Master Blaster," smashing six backboards in one season.
Narrator A: The next day, Holmes will be shot in the neck while fighting near Dunker Church.