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It simulates the dunker in shallow water, and it is completed individually.
All the pilots currently going through flight school art required to go through the dunker training, said Copeland.
For Dunker, a Berndes crepe pan has proved to be one of the top cookware items.
The Worcester Feast Dunker is made for dunking and can be submerged in tea or coffee for twice as long as ordinary biscuits before it breaks up.
It will be launched at the opening when, instead of toasting the show with champagne, the Mayor of Worcester, Coun Andy Roberts, will ceremonially dunk a Worcester Feast Dunker in a mug of tea.
The Dunker is designed to teach trainee pilots how to escape a helicopter crash at sea, and it's terrifying," the Sun quoted an Army Air Corps source as saying.
Toney's jumping ability, long arm reach and thirst for the ball makes him the Eagles' best dunker - and he is looking forward to pitting his wits against the best in the country.
26, 1914, in Oranienburg, Germany, to Carl and Minna Finke Dunker.
Murphy) Dunker, 77, of Jefferson, died Sunday, March 23, 2008 in the Notre Dame Long Term Care Center in Worcester after a brief illness.
Cody Nikkel, a Saugus High basketball senior considered the top dunker in the Foothill League, has returned to practice after missing one game because of knee and ankle injuries.
The dunker with the lowest total score from the first round will compete first in the final round.