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You may be surprised if i tell you that even though basketball and/or gymnastics remain the two main backgrounds of Crazy Dunkers members, some of our teamates have played football, judo and boxing.
Dunker training is a two-day course, designed to teach 20 students in an eight-hour day.
Ryan Goldston, Co-Founder of Athletic Propulsion Labs added: "This partnership represents a great opportunity for audiences to witness the increases in vertical leap provided by APL shoes on the most sensational dunkers in the world.
Dunk for Delight this summer with Crazy Dunkers at Sahara Centre
If you're after a tasty and convenient snack that your children will love, then try Dairylea Dunkers.
Each Dairylea Dunkers provides a third of a child's recommended daily calcium intake.
Invasion" - 22 artists occupying Dunkers Kulturhus Through March 9
Arena operators Planet Ice are now in talks with the British Basketball League about the possibility of bringing a top flight team to the city by buying a franchise in the Dairylea Dunkers League.
Manchester Giants moved ten points clear at the top of the Dairylea Dunkers Northern Conference last night with a 99-84 success over the Leicester Riders.
BEWARE Eric Burks - that was the message from Pertemps Bullets coach Mike Finger before taking his team to Milton Keynes Lions tonight for their second game in the Southern Conference of the new-look Dairylea Dunkers Championship.
It's only fitting that we reveal this year's dunkers with a spark of creativity as Nate, Gerald and Shannon prepare to wow fans by pushing their performance to new heights in Dallas.
Choosing the Dunkers side was an easy choice because I don't know any other way to eat an Oreo than to dunk it in milk," said Desai.