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DUNNAGE, mer. law. Pieces of wood placed against the sides and bottom of the hold of a vessel, to preserve the cargo from the effect of leakage, according to its nature and quality. 2 Magens, 101, art. 125, 126 Abbott on Shipp. 227.

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To create protective packaging, the totes can be combined with the supplier's line of industrial fabric dunnage.
A replaceable urethane pad protects coating on line pipe and has two pin brackets to secure Chock to dunnage.
AT THE tender age of 10, Myrtle "Tilly" Dunnage is implicated in the death of a schoolboy and banished from her sleepy hometown and finds her calling as a seamstress in Paris.
It gets its wow factor from a charming lead performance by Winslet as Myrtle "Tilly" Dunnage who arrives back in her hometown after 20 years away with revenge on her mind.
Winslet plays Tilly Dunnage in "The Dressmaker," who returns to her small-minded Australian town to seek retribution against those who sent her away as a child accused of murder.
But it wasn't just Unilever partners in the room, Tony Dunnage, the Unilever group manufacturing sustainability director who oversaw the zero waste initiative, also invited some competitors to encourage other businesses to get on board, "If you think about it, our achievement was a drop in the ocean," says Dunnage, "Our thinking was: Let's invite other industry leaders and promote the zero waste mindset, Let's stir it up and extend our reach,"
USPRwire, Mon Sep 07 2015] Returnable transport packaging includes reusable containers, barrels, drums, dunnage, pallets, and racks that enable vendors and industrial customers to transport products and manage shipments efficiently across an organized supply chain.
Bulk handling products on display included the expanded 40 x 48-inch Stack'R plastic pallet line with a fully edge-rackable model holding up to 3,000 pounds; the OPTE Bulk sleevepack with ergonomic latch; and a new suite of dunnage solutions.
Dunnage, Loading and Shipping: Making Sure Products Arrive Onsite Undamaged, May 21;
It also provides a safe recess for the return of dunnage that can be stored widiin the base of the unit, making it ideal for the return transport of fragile cloth or vac-formed dunnage which is protected within the frame.
Callahan came to MMI in 2012 and initiated a strategic plan that resulted in the molder focusing on improving its technology base and on serving customers in two areas of its core competency: automotive/heavy truck components, and customized, highly engineered, returnable dunnage for auto parts such as power trains and cam shafts.
Options include perimeter guarding, right angle pallet stackers, collating dunnage hoppers, and zoned or air chain pallet accumulation conveyors.