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DUNNAGE, mer. law. Pieces of wood placed against the sides and bottom of the hold of a vessel, to preserve the cargo from the effect of leakage, according to its nature and quality. 2 Magens, 101, art. 125, 126 Abbott on Shipp. 227.

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Apply cushioning materials, dunnage, and blocking and bracing as needed to protect the item and the enclosing box or carton.
In addition to the waste disposable dunnage was problematic because the wooden products are heavy, weighing as much as 55 pounds.
The company offers its customers a single source for new and used reusable plastic and metal bulk containers, hand totes, dunnage and pallets, as well as custom designed material handling solutions.
After leaving school, Byrne sailed to Liverpool, where he worked on the docks sorting dunnage, the loose wood used in a ship's hold to keep the cargo away from bilge water.
Geoff Dunnage, of the Road Haulage Association, said: "We welcome the idea but it could take a very long time before it's working.
paper mill and the Ride Rite dunnage bag plant in Fordyce, Ark.
Fordyce plant employs about 160 and makes Ride Rite dunnage bags.
Dickirson even consulted with the folks at FedEx Freight before designing dunnage that would ensure the body panels would arrive in Detroit safely.
His end speed was approximately 30 miles per hour as he zipped through the pad between live bombs, trailers, dunnage, parked aerospace ground equipment, and other storage crew members at the location.
International Dunnage bags are flexible, allowing shippers to fill every shape and odd space without damaging goods.
of material, require less storage space and simplify issues of dunnage and landfilling.