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The statement said President Buhari described the emergence of the new leaders of the legislative branch of government as 'a new dawn, different from duplicity and perfidy of the immediate past.'
[You can see their duplicity, their double standard in that if it's them getting it, the guy is lying, but when it's the opposition getting hit, he's credible.]
"Duplicity, hypocrisy of such a structure as the European Parliament is obvious again," he said.
Swaraj claimed Pakistan was not only an expert in providing safe haven to terrorists but also at trying to 'mask malevolence with verbal duplicity'.
The Indian minister told the world leaders that the most startling evidence of Pakistan's what she claimed duplicity' was the fact that Al Qaida founder Osama Bin Laden was given a safe haven' in the country.
In the Gospel, Jesus refers to Nathanael as "a true Israelite." There is a contrast here between Nathanael, who has no duplicity, and Jacob, the first to bear the name "Israel." The popular etymology of the name "Israel" was "the one who sees God." Indeed, Jacob had a heavenly vision (cf Gn 28:12-15).
Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh) [India], June 25 ( ANI ): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday hit out at the Congress Party for their duplicity towards the Ayodhya matter.
However, it reflects duplicity of Nadra staffers to have issued fake CNICs illegally to the people.
A non-visible action can be the result of either deception or duplicity.
About 68 per cent people were asked to respond to questions regarding investigation into Panama Papers, saw duplicity in the opposition's demands.
According to a senior official, the move was taken after several discrepancies like duplicity, ghost accounts and ineligible account holders were found by the department of social welfare.
After being mugged he wakes up in hospital and his duplicity is unveiled.