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Archer remembered, on his last visit to Paris, seeing a portrait by the new painter, Carolus Duran, whose pictures were the sensation of the Salon, in which the lady wore one of these bold sheath-like robes with her chin nestling in fur.
He just leaned out over the rail and shook his fist at Duran and shouted: 'I beat you to it
The road ran from sea level at Duran up to twelve thousand feet on Chimborazo and down to ten thousand at Quito on the other side the range.
I lost my fireman; and the conductor and the Superintendent of Rolling Stock (who happened to be running down to Duran to meet his bride) had their heads knifed off by the Spiggoties and paraded around on poles.
POP fans will turn back the clock to the 1980s when Duran Duran step out at Newcastle's Metro Radio Arena on Saturday.
Despite Duran Duran's rise to fame 30 years ago, the band's frontman somehow manages to stay young looking.
The First Minister recently revealed during an engagement that the last gig she had been to at the famous Barrowland ballroom in Glasgow's east end was Duran Duran in 1993.
DURAN Duran fans can pay to listen to some of the band's previously unheard demo tapes - inside the analogue city studio where they were recorded.
Duran Duran "Hungry Like the Wolf" for the New MX-5 Miata-
Se 49-year-old e 49-year-old mum of three - and wife of Simon Le Bon, lead singer of Brummie band Duran Duran - showed o band Duran Duran - showed o her exotic good looks while her exotic good looks while modelling the latest collection of clothes from Monsoon.
com)-- Duran Films is pleased to announce that Pale Blue Light, the first dramatic Hip Hop series on the web (and possibly the world) is now complete and ready for air.