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DEVOIR. Duty. It is used in the statute of 2 Ric. II., c. 3, in the sense of duties or customs.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The CSP requires DUs to hold competitive bidding for their supply requirements as against securing power deals via bilateral contracts.
"The ERC ordered the refund of the amount collected from the DUs' customers as regulatory reset cost which remained unutilized," the regulatory body has reiterated.
We assume that the spectrums used by CUs are orthogonal each other, and each CU only obtains interference from the corresponding DUs who share the same resource.
In these verification experiments, under a range of conditions, such as suburbs and city centers, the quality of downstreaming is being measured by the presence or absence of coordination control between DUs in a state where multiple adjacent terminals are located near the communication range boundaries of two DUs that are connected to the CU and are in communication with each DU.
Previously, Hyman oversaw Hunt Mortgage Group's production activities for conventional multifamily properties under its Fannie Mae DUS and Freddie Mac product lines, and commercial properties under its proprietary lending programs.
This acquisition with DUS, the Desi Dating App will open an attractive market and new growth avenues for Woo, strengthening its position in the global arena.
Besides, the Cabinet also approved advancing construction of additional 3,265 DUs at an estimated cost of Rs.489 crore from Phase-III to MAP Phase-II.
The DUS had invited political commentator and adviser Kulveer Ranger and Conservative MP Edward Leigh to propose the motion, and British National Party MEP Andrew Brons and Leeds BNP councillor Chris Beverley to speak in opposition.
"Fannie Mae and its DUS lenders were pleased to provide significant liquidity and stability to the multifamily industry despite record levels of uncertainty and volatility experienced by the markets in 2008," said Weber.
The MEL made for DUS includes not only preventative maintenance titles and frequencies, but also includes information pertaining to the products ability and manufacturer information for ordering spare parts.
* STUDY DESIGN AND VALIDITY In this prospective study consecutive patients underwent DUS, MRA, and DSA examination within a maximum of 4 weeks to be evaluated for carotid stenosis.