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n. slang for maximum, as the most interest that can be charged on an "adjustable rate" promissory note.

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Saxton had been set to make a trip to the European Tour's qualifying school ahead of his step-up to the pro ranks But with his Turnberry win securing tee-times for next month's Open at Royal Birkdale and the 2009Masters at Augusta, the Dutch cap is more than happy to delay his switch.
She wore no jewelry, only a dainty Dutch cap modeled after one she had found in Holland during their 1923 honeymoon.
The Dutch cap may have a haircut from the 80s, but he's also a black belt in judo...
Teenage girls seem to think they can't get pregnant if they're wearing a Von Dutch cap.
Grosso Miscarriage of Justice - what the Australians are feeling Dutch Cap - a blow to, or near, the groin (see also Cristiano Kiss, A) Displacement de Visage - a form of amnesia in which the patient momentarily confuses his chest for his face Goldenbile - match-winning vomit
Sometime about a year ago, some Hollywood glory boy was photographed wearing said Von Dutch cap. "Dutch" was the nickname of a California-based car customizer who died about 10 years ago but whose name lived on in a line of hats and assorted other apparel paraphernalia.
His form earned him his first Dutch cap against Slovenia last month.
I hear the AZ Alkmaar keeper is a Dutch cap, but I thought they were meant to stop things!