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It seemed that the succession of dwellers in the furnished room had turned in fury--perhaps tempted beyond forbearance by its garish coldness--and wreaked upon it their passions.
After a time the dwellers in the valley ended by understanding the service which I had done them in spite of themselves, but for all that, they still cherish some traces of that old superstition of theirs.
he had already come to recognise his father as the one other dweller in the world, a creature like his mother, who slept near the light and was a bringer of meat)--his father had a way of walking right into the white far wall and disappearing.
The Selenites* disputed variously about our earth, and expressed their doubts if it could be inhabited: the air, they said, must certainly be too dense to allow any rational dweller in the moon the necessary free respiration.
Physic may do for such as relish it; to my taste and judgment it is neither palatable nor healthy; but morals never did harm to any living mortal, be it that he was a sojourner in the forest, or a dweller in the midst of glazed windows and smoking chimneys.
Here have I been a dweller on the earth for four-score and six changes of the seasons, and all that time have I look'd at the growing and the dying trees, and yet do I not know the reasons why the bud starts under the summer sun, or the leaf falls when it is pinch'd by the frosts.
All the rest of the furniture indicated that the dweller in this house occupied himself with the study of natural science.
The Caloocan Social Welfare and Development (CSWD) has started to get all street dwellers out of the city's streets.
THE Oyo State Government has embarked on an intensive training package for over 4,472 rural dwellers on rural financing through the State Rural Finance Institution-Building (RUFIN) in nine Local Government Areas in the state.
Mayor Joseph Estrada should find a permanent and lasting solution to the indigent street dwellers in the Baywalk portion of Manila's Roxas Boulevard.
The findings showed that city dwellers are at a higher risk of psychiatric illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia than countryside dwellers.
2 per cent of city dwellers were employed, according to the latest data from Eurostat.