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Ibrahim Azboy17 in his study compared the results of the locking compression plate (LCP) and the dynamic compression plate (DCP) for the treatment of shaft of Radius and Ulna fractures.
13 was difficult, energy absorption up to a displacement of 100 mm in the dynamic compression tests was calculated and plotted as a graph.
6 There is growing interest in treating even simple humeral shaft fractures by dynamic compression plate fixation in order to avoid complications and to allow earlier mobilization and rapid return to work.
Hunter, "The dynamic compression testing of solids by the method of the split Hopkinson pressure bar," Journal of the Mechanics & Physics of Solids, vol.
Based on these issues, the experiments reported here were purposefully designed to study the static and dynamic compression properties of PP/ZnO nanocomposiies under a wide range of strain rates.
The report provides value ($m), volume (units) and average price ($) data for each segment and sub-segment within two market categories - Static Compression Therapy and Dynamic Compression Therapy.
The MSC-Marc non-linear finite element solver is used to model the dynamic compression of the car door seal to replicate the case study on the pendulum.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical and radiographic outcome after open reduction and internal fixation of the forearm diaphyseal fractures by Dynamic Compression Plate (DCP).
The system has two modes of operation, high-rate tensile tests on standard polymer specimens and dynamic compression testing of polymeric foams and structures.
Expand Networks' integrated WAN Optimization uses techniques such as byte-level caching and dynamic compression to accelerate the delivery of SKS' business services.
The SmartAudio technology upgrades include dynamic wind noise suppression and near-end speech enhancement algorithms, including dynamic compression and spectral shaping.
Expand Networks integrated WAN optimisation technology combines techniques such as byte-level caching, dynamic compression and TCP acceleration to enable available satellite bandwidth and real-time interactive TCP traffic be maximised, Captain Cox explained, but claimed that while "there are many products out there that can do each of these functions, Expand has the ability to provide a multilayered approach to network optimisation in a single platform.

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