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McFarland, a web development consultant, offers step-by- step instructions for building dynamic web pages and implementing them into a complete site, with additional chapters devoted to libraries, templates and the manipulation of databases.
Some topics included in this handbook are Web log privacy, Web log analysis, Web information seeking behavior, search query logs, Web analytics, search and query analysis, and dynamic Web pages customization.
It contains numerous new developments as well as further enhancements of existing features in both editing environments, WebClient and JavaClient, and with UX Bridge it includes a new infrastructure module for easy implementation of dynamic web pages.
EyeWide Hotel Internet Marketing Services - based in Crete Greece, is activated in the field of hosting, design, development and Search Engine Optimization of dynamic web pages.
Tahaghoghi (RMIT University) and Williams (Microsoft's Windows Live Search) explain how to read data from an existing MySQL database, prevent unauthorized data access, modify the behavior of the MySQL server, and create dynamic web pages that can interact with a MySQL database.

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