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He further noted that the cost of the infrastructure services for the company amounted to EGP 220m, in addition to nearly 62,000 employees within E-Finance, across the 27 governorates in Egypt.
The book's new focus was the second wave of e-finance in Europe.
eFinance Insider said the acquisition will extend its reach by over 30% to more than 30,000 e-finance and Internet industry professionals.
0 is a real-time system designed to give financial institutions a scalable and flexible foundation for the delivery of e-finance services to their customers.
VPC has developed a payment service that enables financial institutions to give buyers and sellers the confidence to transact large volumes of business on-line," said Christopher Ahearn, Director of Strategic Development, LabMorgan, the e-finance unit of J.
1 offers improved access to the financial system across the Internet/intranets/extranets by users and trading partners, enhanced security and speed of financial transactions, upgraded interfaces to QSP's other e-finance applications and extended scalability for the management of very high user populations and transaction volumes.
The main focus of this report is to establish how the emerging winners in global e-finance have built their position in the market, whether through effective use of technology, good marketing, effective branding or being fortunate to be located in a home country where innovation and take-up of new services is commonplace.
E- Finance Chairman Ibrahim Sarhan said that the authorisation comes as a result of the efforts exerted by E-Finance over the past years and a step to enter international markets that have a large share in the issuance, operating and implementation of e-cards in any projects they have.
The E-Finance Reporter" was released today as the first report in a monthly series on the key changes driving the E-Finance market.
Sharp's Secure Optical Media technology is designed for use by large banking institutions wishing to develop new customers for co-branded credit cards and e-finance services.
E-Finance plans to finalise a project for the mechanisation of public employees' salaries by the end of October, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and a number of public and private banks.
Upon the completion of this acquisition, FutureVest will accelerate the delivery of a core technology platform that includes leasing and exchange capabilities, to its existing and growing network of e-finance initiatives.