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In Cambodia, GL operates nearly 200 e-Finance PoS (Points of Sale) nationwide which serve the growing needs of villagers in the countryside, most of whom have no bank accounts or access to mainstream financing.
'The New World of European e-finance' is easy-to-read due to its textbook style.
GE: Improve processes and systems Tracing the evolution of e-Finance at GE, Eric Duenwald remarks that, "We never wanted to compromise the competitive advantage that we believe having a decentralized operating model gives us.
There are different networks through which e-finance can function such as Internet portals, post offices or stores.
Established in 1996, Global Link serves as State Street's central e-finance network offering clients access to a broad array of advanced e-finance applications and services across multiple asset classes with full connectivity to global investment managers' chosen trading destinations, including multiple exchanges, brokers, bank counterparties and other online trading venues.
There are so many companies in e-finance that in some segments many people don't even know who their competitors are.
is a technology company providing complete e-finance solutions, on an ASP basis, to the $1.5 trillion U.S.
GlobalNetFinancial recently announced a separate agreement with BT Europe (NYSE: BTY) to deliver financial news and e-finance services including online share dealing through StockAcademy, its recently launched online trading platform for UK stocks via WAP to BT's network of approximately 20 million mobile phone users.
G-7 MUST ACT ON E-FINANCE (The Business Times, Singapore)
"As e-finance is to be conducted without borders, or internationally, one country's regulations could have a vast impact on the rest of the world," he told a World Bank-sponsored seminar.
Gary Craft, e-finance research analyst and managing director of Deutsche Banc Alex.
Collaboration with e-finance for the government related payments, boosted the company's growth rates and contributed to a growing customer base.