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The potential EAP partner programs in this segment include: Specialty treatment for mental health and addiction, disease management programs for chronic conditions, and disability and return-to-work programs.
Sandys, who studied changes in EAPS since 1993 as part of his dissertation at New York University, says the EAP industry itself has gone through lots of change since 1993.
101-336] in 1990 (cited in Parker and Szymanski, 1998), EAP counselors are asked to assist with the accommodation of qualified employees who have disabilities.
The reviewers should request that the EAP respond with an action plan to address areas needing improvement.
Train wardens, deputies, evacuation supervisors and the brigade in building specific EAP procedures.
Here too, EAPs helped organizations affected by the storm.
EAP will also work to obtain Chinese cooperation in encouraging other countries to adhere to the guidelines of the international nonproliferation regimes.
Hastings' direct payment of Sally's tuition to Private College qualifies as educational assistance under the qualified EAP even though it is not directly related to her current job, and, in fact, qualifies her for a new trade or business.
Nowadays, EAP vendors go far beyond counseling referrals; they generally offer a wide array of services.
From the EAP we obtained the date of first EAP contact for all employees who used the service, and from the company's human resources department we obtained limited demographic data on all employees.
Employers who have this type of relationship with their EAP know that for their employees to get full benefit of EAP services, they need to promote and communicate it to employees whenever possible.
To enroll in the EAP Directors course, interested parties should contact: REBNY, 570 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022, Attention: Trisha Ycaza, Telephone: (212)616-5214 / Fax: (212)779-8774.