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The purpose of the session was to highlight how the goals of Save the Children's ECCE program are in line with that of the department of education.
Scheduled Caste's enrolment in ECCE in year 't'/ Other Caste's enrolment in ECCE in year 't'
The training levels are organized in such a way as to cater to the various needs of the ECCE professionals, offering prospective teachers short courses, two-year diploma courses, a four-year bachelor's degree, and master's programs.
During the one day meeting, the stakeholders worked together towards the same goal, on how to improve the ECCE implementation by providing inputs acquired on Indonesia s Policy on Health Education for Early Childhood ; and recommended topics that should be contained in the guideline for teachers and school personnel that would be developed.
The overwhelming consensus of those participating was that it is easier to remove cataracts using Catarex than ECCE or Phaco and that Catarex could emerge as a major advance in cataract therapy.
This farm-out agreement will provide ECCE control over this entire field and will allow ECCE to maximize shareholder value by minimizing its liability.
BULLETIN BOARD: ECCE) announced today that it executed an agreement on September 28, 2007 pursuant to which ECCE acquired all of the partnership interests in Louisiana Shelf Partners, LP, a Delaware limited partnership ("Louisiana Shelf Partners"), for $5,000,000 by issuing to the General Partner and the limited partners of Louisiana Shelf Partners 1,000,000 shares of Convertible Preferred Series B stock of ECCE at $5 per share.
ECCE is the direct surgical extraction of the entire lens nucleus through an 11-millimeter incision in the eye and a 6-millimeter opening in the eye's inner lens capsule.
of the Project, it is expected that the ECCE enrollment rate of children aged 3 to 6 in rural areas