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Amlodipine co-administered with topiramate enhanced, in a dose-dependent manner, the anti-electroshock action of topiramate by significantly reducing its ED50 value in the maximal electroshock induced seizures.
El producto final ha sido un excelente conjunto de vertices con doble juego de coordenadas ED50 y ETRS89, lo que permite hallar distintos modelos de transformacion presentados en este articulo.
The authors state that the ED50 and ED95 values are similar to those of normal weight patients.
The ED50 values of propanil for the R biotype (Kedah- SB8) and S biotypes were 0.
The ED50s, median effective doses of Guaifenesin, protecting 50% of the mice against clonic and tonic-clonic convulsions and death were determined.
Thus, comparison of the ED50 values for obese and non-obese patients required recruitment of 108 subjects.
The data are provided as ratios rather than traditional ED50 values because two of the con-geners were of too small a mass to be dried and weighed.
1999), the ED50 for carrageenan-induced edema in rats was 500 mg/kg (oral) for the hexanic crude extract ofP.
The ED50 values in the current study can be calculated by dividing 1 by the h values provided in Table 1 (see Yoon and Higgins 2008, for a detailed discussion about the advantages and usefulness of calculating ED50 values).
Se ha sugerido una ED50 de 3-3,5 [micron]g/kg para intubacion, cuando se usa en combinacion con propofol 5 mg [kg.
ED50 (rate that causes 50 (Percent) inhibition) from the dose-response curves for the sunflower leaf extracts or herbicides applied alone or in mixtures of fixed ratios were determined.
In addition, new data regarding delivery of RNAi therapeutics to immune cells showed that up to 95% silencing of the target gene CD45 was achieved in immune cells with an ED50 of 0.