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In addition to calcium, EDTA is also capable of chelating with several others elements, including some that may be toxic to animals (OVIEDO; RODRIGUEZ, 2003).
Looking at selective dispersion role of EDTA, STPP, and SS in synthetic mixture of montmorillonite and hematite, and quartz and hematite Arol [1] observed that EDTA and STPP are more selective than SS particularly in the presence of calcium ions.
e EDTA treated samples, all the 6 sample showed scarce fibrin and blood cells attachment (score 1) (Fig 1c).
The solutions of NaOCl combined with EDTA were mixed with a plastic spatula (Golgran, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil) before immersion of the fragment.
EDTA disk synergy test detected MBL production in additional 9 Pseudomonas species and 2 Acinetobacter species, which were missed by the modified Hodge test.
Samples in EDTA should be transported to the lab as soon as possible, preferably tested within a day of venipuncture.
EDTA-PTCP is an in vitro phenomenon due to antiplatelet antibodies that cause platelet clumping in blood that had been anticoagulated with EDTA.
In order to detect whether an excess body burden of lead, cadmium, and other toxic metals is present, a challenge test should be performed with a single dose of a chelating agent such as EDTA or DMPS to see how much of the metal(s) can be pulled into the urine.
El primero es el trabajo de Gonzalez y colaboradores (1), publicado en el 2009, quienes evaluaron la remocion de barro dentinal en 65 dientes con EDTA al 17 % (grupo2), EDTA al 17 % y cetrimida (grupo 2), y EDTA al 17 % con surfactante (grupo 4).
International Committee for Standards in Haematology (ICSH) guidelines for the standardisation of BM specimens and reports recommend that BMA slides should be prepared by direct technique and additional BMA sample can be stored in the EDTA tube to make further slides.
This comparison showed that EDTA, especially in combination with Trolox, had the best effect on progressive motility in the FT sperm.