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01 M EDTA reduced the copper concentration in a repacked column of Manawatu fine sandy loam from 60 to 40 [micro]g/g.
A new study describes a method of analyzing blood and urine for an anticoagulant called EDTA, often used to preserve crime-scene blood samples.
Born and Geurkink published a retrospective, randomized study comparing patients with peripheral artery disease treated with the 3 g dose of EDTA to those treated with the 1.
EDTA works with policymakers and the public to advance electric drive transportation, a real alternative to oil dependence.
If the manufacturer of the tubes (or the hematology equipment) does not provide guidance on this, it is the responsibility of the laboratory to define minimum acceptable volume for an EDTA tube.
The columns (five replicates each) were exposed to the following treatments: EDTA (0.
In order to reduce the risk of such bacterial contamination and following discussions with the Food and Drug Administration Agency (FDA) in USA, the manufacturers incorporated the anti-microbial additive EDTA (disodium edetate) into the propofol formulation.
Membership in EDTA will help us establish our role in the electric drive industry as we enter the hybrid and electric transportation sectors.
According to EDTA, this year's conference agenda comprises five "in-depth" learning forums addressing the following topics -- "Defending Our Future: Electric Drive's Role in Military Applications," "Breaking Barriers: Broad Market Adoption of Light Duty Hybrids," "Heavy & Medium Duty Markets -- The Electric Drive Towards Reducing Petroleum Dependency," "The Path to a Hydrogen Economy" and "Sustainable Living -- Electric Drive Communities.
Laursen and Zhang soaked their dyed silk samples in hydrochloric acid, EDTA, or formic acid, extracted the flavonoids, and chemically characterized the compounds.