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Like EDtv, the film denies DeGeneres any semblance of a sex life--except for an oddly heated moment with femme fatale Patricia Arquette during an interrogation scene.
Take it as faint praise if you must, but EDtv is Ron Howard's best film.
Elizabeth Hurley will be around for Austin Powers' latest outing The Spy Who Sh***d Me and Edtv, while Minnie Driver and Rupert Everett will be in town for the final film, An Ideal Husband.
Andrew Shulklapper, vice president of television market research at DisplaySearch, added 42-inch EDTV plasma price declines are also being driven by the introduction of private-label brands to this arena, including Best Buy's Insignia and Circuit City's ESA label.
Best Buy: Maxent 42-inch widescreen plasma EDTV, $1,999.
BAFTAS: June 1996Back to the tried and tested little black dress with a halter neck frockPREMIERE: April 1997Liz rings the changes with a scoop neck for Austin Powers premierePREMIERE: March 1999Lady in red again at EDTV premiere - but she'll only be dancing with HughBIRTHDAY PARTY: April 1995Lacy, black see-through number with a bare midriff for Liz Taylor's bashPREMIERE: Sept 1996Bright red frock with plunging neckline for the premiere of Extreme MeasuresCANNES: May 1997Liz goes for another strappy number, this time in a sexy leopard printCONCERT: April 1999Sparkling at Divas concert in a pink mini-dress , slit from armpit to waistCANNES:
Additionally, when booking a meeting or event worth $20,000 or more, planners receive an LG EDTV monitor with 20-inch flat screen.