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Its creation preceded that of the more generalist EEJ-NET because the financial services sector is the only area where out-of-court settlement mechanisms already exist throughout the EU.
In order to ensure precise and comparable data on consumers and their problems throughout the Union, information structure must be put in place on the safety of products and services, inspired notably by the Rapex early warning system, structures established on the supply of information and data on consumers' activities and economic interests, including structures for the standardised transmission of consumers' complaints, the performance of the Community's "Clab" data base on abusive clauses in contracts enhanced and improved, and EEJ-Net (network on extra-judicial conflict resolution launched in October 2001) developed with the Member States, etc.
They say the national contact points ("clearing houses") of EEJ-Net must be able to give reliable preliminary legal advice by having access to trained lawyers with professional liability insurance.