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In addition, the company introduced a series of AEC-Q100 qualified EEPROMs for automotive designs.
I(2)C[TM] EEPROMs Available in WLCSP, 5-pin SC-70 and SOT-23 Packages; Reduce Design Size and Profile with Die-Sized Packages
Each of the five new very low voltage EEPROM devices is available in an 8-pin SOIC, MSOP, PDIP and 2 mm x 3 mm TDFN package.
With availability in all JEDEC-standard packages and the only SPD EEPROM available in the 6-pin SOT-23 package, we expect these devices to enable new features and applications in the high-speed PC and laptop markets," continued Drwinga.
With extended temperature capabilities and low power draw, the 25XX128/512/1024 serial EEPROM devices are ideal for high- or low-voltage applications, as well as high-temperature applications, such as those found in consumer electronic (mobile phone earpieces), medical (hearing aids) and automotive applications.
Microchip's SEEVAL(R) 32 Serial EEPROM Designer's Kit (Part # DV243002) supports development using the 25xx010A, 25xx020A and 25xx040A devices.
Microchip continues its lead in supplying cutting-edge serial EEPROM performance with these 1 Mbit I2C devices," said Barry Blixt, marketing manager with Microchip's ROM Microcontroller and Memory Division.
As such, we are pleased to have Aplus, a valuable IP provider of non-volatile memory solutions, port its non-volatile EEPROM IP to our process technology.
Both devices provide a 200ms reset time-out during power up/down; and during this time, writing to the EEPROM is disabled which eliminates the possibility of data corruption.
austriamicrosystems' embedded EEPROM blocks contain a bus interface, an internal charge pump and are easy to embed into a chip design.