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Development of Tawfikia Bridge at a cost of EGP 76m.
Since its inception, the EGP has focused on generating nearly complete genotype information using targeted DNA sequencing of genes across 90 PDR samples and has provided substantial insights in the variability of the human genome (Livingston et al.
Non-government credit facilities amounted to EGP 1.
He also noted that there are certain big-picture benefits to meeting with other scientists working within the broad EGP.
Besides improving cross-species extrapolation, the EGP will enable "the design of epidemiological approaches that allow us to identify more subtle effects and therefore identify either susceptibilities or adverse impacts much earlier and much more quickly than we might have," Farland says.
With regard to real estate mortgage finance, Azzam explained that the bank is working to activate the CBE's initiative to finance the housing of limited, medium, and above medium income citizens, adding that the bank funded 3,300 citizens with EGP 340m.
These sources have revealed that the NBE is yet to take decision on the two options of offering the residual sum of the overall loan of EGP 1bn or bring in another bank to contribute the remaining part of the financing.
Perhaps the most exciting product of the EGP to date is a central database of gene SNPs--the only one of its kind--which presents the information gathered through the EGP on an easy-to-use Web site.
On the other hand, "Sheikh Jackson" film which stirred controversy, and was selected as candidate for the 2018 Oscars, managed to earn around EGP 7m.
The government will issue 91 day, 182 day, 273 day and 364 day treasury bills, amounting to EGP three billion, EGP eight billion, EGP 15 billion and EGP 14 billion respectively.
Proponents of the EGP hope that the information learned will be instrumental in improving public health (6).