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EMPIRE. This word signifies, first, authority or command; it is the power to command or govern those actions of men which would otherwise be free; secondly, the country under the government of an emperor but sometimes it is used to designate a country subject to kingly power, as the British empire. Wolff, Inst. Sec. 833.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In the last fiscal year, EMPA did $106m in sales and has
Professor Ushioda, president of NIMS, adds: "Empa will provide new opportunities for STAM to attract high-impact contributions from Europe and the US.
SanDisk hopes to capitalise on this growth, and has made its full range of flash memory products available in the UAE through the agreement with EMPA.
"The EMPA is a world class online degree program and we are proud and excited to be assisting Southern University at Baton Rouge with this strategic initiative," emphasized Dr.
ESET said that the strategic partnership with EMPA will help the vendor meet the increased demand for its security offerings and expand its customer base across the region.
Nicholas Argyrides, managing director, Empa Middle East, said: "As cyber threats are on the rise, it's no secret that security is imperative for every user and IT administrator; it is also a key focus for Empa, particularly since we are in the process of tactically broadening our portfolio." -- TradeArabia News Service
EMPA scientists Are currently working together with FLISOM to further
ADAOX Middle East, the regional business development center of Eset Nod32 Antivirus, has signed up Empa, a leading IT distribution company in the Mena region, to distribute Eset's antivirus solutions in Saudi Arabia.
Answering a question on transformation of the Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership Facility into a Euro-Mediterranean Development Bank, a proposal made by Tunisia to the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (EMPA), Mr.
Meanwhile, Vice-President of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (EMPA) Abdul Hadi Majali will take part in a meeting for EMPA's office in Italy to discuss issues pertaining to Union for the Mediterranean and the Middle East peace process.
The Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (EMPA), established in Naples on 3 December 2003 by decision of the Ministerial Conference of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, is the most recent institution of the Barcelona Process.
A team of researchers from EMPA in Switzerland have reported an original approach to fabricate thin films composed of well-ordered hollow urchinlike ZnO nanowires (NWs).