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EMPIRE. This word signifies, first, authority or command; it is the power to command or govern those actions of men which would otherwise be free; secondly, the country under the government of an emperor but sometimes it is used to designate a country subject to kingly power, as the British empire. Wolff, Inst. Sec. 833.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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While the cloud offers a scalable platform for hosting applications such as EMPI, many organizations still have to rely on subject matter experts for not only cloud management but also to handle a variety of tasks associated with applications hosted within the cloud platform.
This variable is equal to one if the exchange rate component of EMPI accounts for at least 75% of the index when the index signals a crisis (when CS = 1).
This acquisition takes place following EMPI's decision to divest its participating interest in the Abadi LNG Project.
Alex, Caes, Char and I myse have foun empi; but upon what do thes crea of out geni depe?
Create a statewide enterprise master person index (EMPI).
The EMPI helps reconcile continuity of care documents.
Innoncent Empi, of CLC Solicitors in London, which is now handling the case, said there is strong evidence that could lead to a fresh appeal.
This scoring approach is henceforth referred to as the entrepreneurial management practice index (EMPI).
For every writer in Italy such as Pius II who cared about subtle distinctions between Teucri and Turci, knew Homer, and sought to connect modern Turks with ancient Trojans; in short, for everyone for whom etymology and linguistic precision mattered, there was many a Tasso or Ariosto gleefully switching in mid-ottava from Saraceni, Turchi, empi pagani, or mori.