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EMPIRE. This word signifies, first, authority or command; it is the power to command or govern those actions of men which would otherwise be free; secondly, the country under the government of an emperor but sometimes it is used to designate a country subject to kingly power, as the British empire. Wolff, Inst. Sec. 833.

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At the core of this architecture is NextGate's KLAS Category Leader EMPI technology which currently manages more than 175 million lives.
Localised for UK demographics, the NextGate Multi-Language EMPI is intended to replace an incumbent solution and deliver more precise and configurable patient matching capabilities.
t] are based on ratios of the national fundamentals with respect to those of the US, the euro area, Japan and the UK, so that they correspond to the constructed EMPI vis-a-vis the US dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen and the British pound.
We needed to do something on the back-end, because we were spending so much in the way of resources managing the duplicates, and we knew that our EMPI was getting less data integrity day by day.
To address the first question, a dummy variable for training was regressed on the EMPI.
Ranking #1 within the EMPI segment for the fourth straight year reaffirms the value we bring to the access management process and that our EMPI provides the foundation for the patient record.
MedeAnalytics also worked with DOM to make the data accessible through a Medicaid provider portal, then began the next phase of the project, which was standardization of the Medicaid clinical EMPI to support a clinical data interface with external stakeholders.
The EMPI assigns a unique identifier for the patient and maintains a list of all other identifiers associated with that patient, such as multiple medical record numbers (MRNs), enabling a translation or a "map" from one identifier to another.
The NextGate EMPI solution will be integrated with a range of CSC's innovative electronic health record (EHR) applications to form the basis of unified health information systems that will be provided in specific territories.
The NextGate EMPI is correlating patient identifiers across a pilot of 250 THA-member hospitals through THA's Patient Data System (PDS).
The EMPI is designed to cope with variances in the data and cross-reference patient identifiers from multiple information systems to create a centralized, trusted registry of uniquely identified patients.
MatchMetrix is the NextGate master data management platform upon which domain specific registries, like an EMPI or Provider Directory, are created.