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Clearly defining records responsibilities within the records management program ensures the ultimate capture of significant records in the archives.
There are extensive training modules provided to security personnel to ensure that they have the requisite knowledge needed to perform their duties.
Along with their core mapping and monitoring roles, Surveys carry out conceptual research to ensure that their activity is linked to conceptual advances, and to ensure that their scientists are experts in their fields.
Production compensation should represent a significant portion of the compensation model to ensure that each physician has the incentive to generate a high level of volume.
Both authors and journals have a responsibility to ensure that the requisite data are available, and because submitting MIAME-compliant data can take considerable time and effort, this process should be factored into review and publication timelines.
Employees may view a change in benefit design as a take away, yet the change is intended to provide comparable benefit, control costs, and ensure adequate plan coverage for future employees.
Next, ensure that your network and any standalone computers and laptops have firewalls to block those ports and allow you to open only those ports necessary for your business work.
In this regard, it would be advisable--indeed likely necessary--to perform due diligence before disclosing information to a third-party provider to ensure the provider is capable of adequately protecting nonpublic information.
By understanding which factors are controllable by PR, they would be able to focus their efforts on driving these factors to ensure optimum media performance and PR productivity.
Named the most advanced change and configuration management system on the market by Yphise in its 2002 industry report "Application Change Management Software," and listed as the highest-rated configuration management tool in Ovum's May 2003 report, "Ovum Evaluates: Configuration Management," this project tool tracks changes and ensures configuration integrity during a software product's lifecycle, enabling parallel and distributed teams to improve productivity and quality.
To minimize these adverse effects, the mixing process should be optimized so that the mixing time is just long enough to ensure that the sand grains and sand additive particles ate evenly coated.
SteelEye LifeKeeper ensures the High Availability of mySAP Business Suite on Linux by providing automatic health monitoring of all essential application, database and system infrastructure components, and automatic component-level recovery in the event of a failure within the software or hardware infrastructure.