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Blood lactate was obtained at rest, during 6MWT (test peak), and during post-test recovery period (third minute after the end of the test) with and without EPAP. The measurement of blood lactate concentration was made by collecting a drop of capillary blood on a validated portable lactometer (Accutrend Plus) (24).
(1) As the average IPAP and EPAP, in the report by the ventilator, are 21.3 cm [H.sub.2]O and 3.9 cm [H.sub.2]O, respectively, hence, the measured data are consistent with the ventilator report, and the experiment results are authentic and reliable.
Average NIV setting in the study group was IPAP 18.5 [+ or -] 2.66 cm[H.sub.2]O and EPAP 3.9 [+ or -] 1 cm[H.sub.2]O.
Para la confirmacion de la calidad de ajuste del modelo seleccionado, se evaluo la precision predictiva de ambos modelos a partir de la comparacion de los valores de los estadisticos EPAP, RCME, CDT, PS, PV Y PC, los resultados se muestran en la TABLA V.
Hacia la decada de 150 dos textos enfocan esta problematica: la EpAp, producida en Egipto (66), y el EvPed, producido en Siria-Palestina (67).
The company said it is applying for a loan from an entity identified as EPAP II (Egyptian Pollution Abatement Project) which is supported by the World Bank, EIB, AFD, and Jica to finance the project.
Mokita, who grew up locally but went to high school 200 kilometres away before studying community development at college, hands around a bowl of Epap, a pre-cooked substance made from maize and enriched with minerals and vitamins.
Iki seviyeli pozitif havayolu basinci, inspiratuvar pozitif hava yolu basinci (IPAP) ve ekspiratuvar pozitif hava yolu basinci (EPAP) uygulamalarini icerir (IPAP+EPAP=BiPAP).
Table 1: Ownership of taxi companies in Tashkent in 1996 Taxi State's Value Employees Value company share (in 000 share (in 000 soum) soum) #1 26 9,258.3 49 17,448.4 #2 26 58,629.0 47 105,983.4 EPAP (#3) 26 11,642.5 36 15,673.0 Amir Temur (#4) 51 10,071.7 49 9,676.8 #5 26 765.5 49 1,442.6 Taxi Domestic Value Foreign Value company investors (in 000 investors (in 000 soum) soum) #1 25 8,902.3 #2 27 60,884.0 EPAP (#3) 39 17,464.0 Amir Temur (#4) #5 25 736.1 Note: Exchange rate as of 1 August 1996 was 1USD=38 Uzbek scums.
A level of inspiratory pressure limited flow augmentation, (IPAP) is clinician pre-set above a clinician pre-set end expiratory pressure, (EPAP).