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The FASB--IASC EPS project is part of the FASBS plan to become more active in international accounting matters as outlined in the FASB's Plan for International Activities (1991).
Polystyrene's molecular structure stretches as thin cell walls form during pre-expansion of the EPS beads.
MTWA directed" strategy was defined as positive if either the MTWA test was positive, or if the MTWA test was indeterminate and the EPS was positive.
Dart Container Corporation has been recycling EPS for over 20 years and operates 18 facilities across the U.
They have to refill gradually with ambient air before the EPS beads are strong enough to be shaped into a part.
The EPS Reuse and Recycling Map was designed to be intuitive and comprehensive.
Another EPS press maker that is getting into EPP is Berndorf Italia of Italy (represented here by TRI Manufacturing, Lebanon, Ohio).
Lou Slaughter, GigaBeam's Chairman and CEO, stated, "We are excited to be working with EPS and that the DoD is adopting GigaBeam's technology.