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The ESP Group, LLC is an application service provider that offers a thorough security solution for diverse organizations to share Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU) information through highly secure, compartmented, Internet accessible portals.
ESP Systems(TM), the pioneer and sole provider of Guest Customized Service ("GCS") systems, offers a patented, breakthrough wireless system that uses advanced technology to streamline the service model by seamlessly and instantly connecting every person in a restaurant.
The concept behind the patented ESP technology is simple: allow each guest to control their own dining experience while also helping restaurant employees become more productive.
With its roots in the electric utility industry, ESP software is especially heavily deployed in the power sector, and Mirant joins a long and growing list of power companies that use the software for managing all aspects of EHS programs, from regulatory compliance to emissions trading.
ESP software is heavily deployed by mid to large size companies all over the world to support both internal sustainability goals and regulatory agency compliance requirements, as well as to manage emissions trading programs.
The Instinet Block Trading Services now offered through ESP include a pre-market VWAP Cross, matching buyers and sellers at that day's volume weighted average price; LDX(SM), Instinet's last daily cross which matches orders at the known closing price at the end of the trading day; and the three times daily IDX(SM), Instinet's intra-day cross designed to eliminate market impact that occurs in auction markets and consequently reduces transaction costs.
Through this solution, ESP empowers each guest by allowing them to control and customize their dining experience while simultaneously making employees' jobs easier, more profitable, and more productive.
amp; TAMPERE, Finland -- ESP (Environmental Software Providers) and MaxiFlex announced today that the two companies have joined forces in a partnership to bring ESP's global emissions management software to Scandinavia and the Baltic Region.
SC Data Center selected Cybermation's ESP job scheduling solution to streamline operations and dramatically reduce scheduling errors.