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Value, measure, or degree; a charge, payment, or price determined through the application of a mathematical formula or based upon a scale or standard.

For example, an interest rate is determined by the ratio between the principal and interest.

Rate is also used synonymously with tax.


noun amount, assessment, charge, cost, expense, fare, fee, hire, magno, obligation, pace, parvo emere, price, quotation, standard, tempo, valuation, value, velocity, worth
Associated concepts: legal rate of interest, rate of exchange


verb aestimare, appraise, apprize, assess, class, classify, compute, determine, esteem, estimate, evaluate, figure, fix the price of, gauge, grade, judge, measure, merit, price, quantify, rank, reckon, set a value on, tag, value, weigh
See also: amount, appraise, arrange, assess, assessment, calculate, caliber, charge, classify, cost, criticize, differential, duty, earnings, estimate, evaluate, expense, face amount, frequency, gauge, inveigh, levy, measure, organize, par, pigeonhole, price, quality, rebuke, reprehend, sum, tax, worth

RATE. A public valuation or assessment of every man's estate; or the ascertaining how much tax every one shall pay. Vide Pow. Mortg. Index, h.t.; Harr. Dig. h.t.; 1 Hopk. C. R. 87.

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Given the long lag time they found between an initial high ESR result and the development of heart failure, it appears that inflammation is a key factor early in the disease process, the researchers added.
Manufactured in accordance with European Space Components Coordination (ESCC) standards, the new TES Series provides several downsizing options, as well as higher capacitance and lower ESR than comparable tantalum devices designed for use in aerospace applications.
Although the ESR Group bases its opinions, analyses, estimates, forecasts, and other views on information it considers reliable, it does not guarantee that the information provided in these materials is accurate, current, or suitable for any particular purpose.
Tilted ESR tube (3[degrees] off center may accelerate ESR by 30%)
Afloat Sailors with an NSIPS server on board will also need to establish an Afloat ESR account each time they report to a new afloat command.
Therefore, the development of the technology for producing new billets by ESR for the production of forgings has been one of the priority directions.
ESR Technology, one of the industry's leading engineering, safety and risk management consultancies, today announced the appointment of Martyn Foote as general manager of its Aberdeen operation.
We found that there were significant differences in mRNA expression of ESR and FSHR genes not only between hybrids and their parental lines (p < 0.
LONDON, April 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Ashford & St Peter's NHS Trust has successfully integrated ESR and the MAPS Healthroster staff rostering system, and are now using the interface for live data interchange on Time and Attendance and Absence.
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