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The globalization of real estate has propagated the interconnection of global economies.
To further complicate matters, the Federal estate tax applies to both U.
Real estate is just one of many asset classes that fall into that "alternative" category, which includes pretty much everything that is not stocks, bonds, or cash.
A heavyweight in the New York real estate scene, Ross is chairman and CEO of The Related Companies L.
Why the positive trend even as current law phases out the estate tax over the next five years to a full but single-year repeal in 2010, and as Congress this spring--for the fourth consecutive year--considers permanent repeal?
Let's say a client passes away with an estate valued at $5 million.
Willet also created an insurance trust to hold insurance on Betty's life, presumably so the heirs receiving the estate at her death could use the proceeds to pay estate taxes.
The real estate division suggested converting the factory to white-collar use.
These and other findings are addressed in the fourth annual release of one of the real estate industry's most comprehensive annual forecast reports for the U.
In Tax Court, the parties stipulated that the N trusts would be included in L's gross estate, but left it to the Tax Court to decide whether the resulting estate taxes were payable from N (the trusts that generated the tax) or a revocable trust (R) created by L three days before he executed his will.