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While Merkel did not rule Juncker out after talks with EU leaders on Tuesday, she acknowledged there was opposition to his candidacy and said a range of top EU jobs could only be decided in negotiations running until late June.
In his book, Patten, who is also a former chairman of Britain's right-of-center Conservative Party, talks in detail about his EU job and overseas travels.
PETER Mandelson furiously denied getting his plum EU job because he's the Prime Minister's pal.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-22 September 2003-New web site for EU job vacancies launched(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Phil's summary was that MacLaurin had been too reactionary for his own good at the English Cricket Board; Broughton is said to be heading for the British Airways chairman's seat when he retires as BAT chief executive, and for all Cook's interest in racing and the sympathy he has earned over Iraq, he remains Labour through and through, and is more than likely being lined up for a Kinnock-type EU job.
From 2003, Swiss citizens have free and total access to the EU job market while in Switzerland official preference to Swiss employees is eliminated.
I note he hasn't actually quit his EU job, merely taken a sabbatical.
TEHRAN (FNA)- World powers expect European Union Foreign Policy chief Catherine Ashton to lead nuclear negotiations with Iran during a four-month extension of the talks, even though she leaves her EU job in late October, a senior western diplomat said.
It should not be forgotten he rewarded the civil servant who was involved in the loss of the country's economic sovereignty with a plum EU job.
Some reports, albeit in Labour-supporting newspapers, suggest he could be packed off to Brussels for a plum EU job, if he appears to be in danger of losing his Sheffield seat.
NICK Clegg is being lined up for a top EU job in an "emergency exit" strategy as he faces a revolt in his party over tuition fees.
He continued to dream of advancement - this time in Brussels - and his many enemies believe he turned to plotting against Brown after he realised he wasn't going to get the plum EU job he craved.