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Outgoing Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen has said he is happy to be considered for an EU job, although he has repeatedly said publicly that he backs Juncker's candidacy.
LONDON: Most Britons are opposed to ex-prime minister Tony Blair or Foreign Secretary David Miliband taking any of the top new EU jobs created by the Lisbon Treaty, an opinion poll out Sunday said.
The sector accounting for the highest proportion of EU jobs lost through delocalisation (one in four of the total) was banking and insurance, a service sector with a generally high-skill profile.
In the past five years, more than 290,000 hopefuls have applied for EU jobs.
Such is the imbalance of imports to and from the remainder of the EU that the reverse is true and millions of EU jobs depend on our imports.
All the program enhancements and improvements we are working on will not only allow the selection of the most qualified and suitable candidates for the many various EU jobs, they will also shorten the candidate selection cycle from a current average of 15 months to between five and nine months," said David Bearfield, Director for the European Personnel Selection Office.
EU leaders have mandatedEuropean CouncilPresident Herman Van Rompuy to propose a package of appointments for several top EU jobs, including the Commission presidency, if possible in time for a summit at the end of this month.
NIGEL FARAGE has been told he is "living in cloud cuckoo land" if he thinks he knows better than Nissan on the EU jobs risk.
A FORMER Port of Tyne chairman has made an EU jobs warning.
It also creates the new EU jobs of permanent president and foreign minister, for which Tony Blair and David Miliband respectively are in the frame.
The partial answer was managed immigration, without which EU jobs and economic growth goals could not be achieved.
Now spending experts warn that, at current rates, pounds 1bn of EU jobs cash will go unused and they accuse the Treasury of plotting to hand it over to Europe in exchange for a hefty rebate.