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A, the first letter of the English and most other alphabets, is frequently used as an abbreviation, (q.v.) and also in the marks of schedules or papers, as schedule A, B, C, &c. Among the Romans this letter was used in criminal trials. The judges were furnished with small tables covered with wax, and each one inscribed on it the initial letter of his vote; A, when he voted to absolve the party on trial; C, when he was for condemnation; and N L, (non liquet) when the matter did not appear clearly, and be desired a new argument.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In addition, by the end of 1990, the Initial Operational Evaluation (IOE) and the Extended User Evaluation (EUE) testing programs produced a 58 percent success rate with the IOE-type missiles.
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In addition, the university has a critically acclaimed Creative Writing Department that attracts Pulitzer Prize-winning visiting writers and a growing Film Studies major that works closely with Wilmington-based EUE Screen Gems Studios and other productions filmed locally, such as Dawson's Creek which often uses the university's campus as a filming location.
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Dans un communique publie a l'issue de sa reunion hebdomadaire mardi, le bureau politique a indique que le president du RNI Salaheddine Mezouar, a presente un expose detaille sur la rencontre qu'il a eue avec le chef de gouvernement dans le cadre des consultations que mene ce dernier en vue de constituer une nouvelle majorite.
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